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Push notifications


Post request is send only if client does not have established WS connection.

Application sends POST request to user Endpoint, which contains data on request. In order to display the connect push notification on user device connect() function required notificationEndpoint and token.

type Connect = {
publicKeys: string[],
sessionId: string,
notification?: Notification | undefined, // required for notification purposes
device?: Device | undefined,
metadata?: string | undefined

interface Notification {
token: string;
notificationEndpoint: string;

interface NotificationPayload {
token: string
network: Network
sessionId: string
appMetadata: AppMetadata
device: Device
request: string // serialized RequestContent
requestId: string

Firebase push notification example:

const firebase = initializeApp(undefined, 'trigger-notification')
export const triggerNotification = onRequest(async (request, response) => {
try {
if (request.method !== 'POST') {
response.status(400).send('Invalid request method')
const payload = request.body as NotificationPayload
const messaging = getMessaging(firebase)
const requestContent = JSON.parse(payload.request) as RequestContent
await messaging.send({
token: payload.token,
android: payload.device === 'Android' ? {} : undefined,
notification: {
title: requestContent.type,
body: 'You have a new request' +,
imageUrl: payload.appMetadata.icon
data: { payload: JSON.stringify(request.body) }
} catch (error: any) {